Comic 37 - They're Nuts!
15th Oct 2009, 4:11 PM
They're Nuts!
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Author Notes:
Xila31 edit delete
That time of year is sneaking up again, it is true. This is when a lot of people with diabetes start to disappear from their educators' offices. I watched my dad go through it every year. All of the candy at Halloween, the pies at Thanks Giving, the treats of Christmas.... people try to hide that they're "cheating." (Although there is really no such thing as cheating, more like ignoring on purpose.) Then New Years day the phone lines explode with people wanting to come in with their New Year's reselution: "This year I will lose weight and get my diabetes under control."
User comments:
Dennis Price edit delete
Dennis Price
Good point! Gotta shave off some pound myself before the holidays!
Francesca edit delete
It's a vicious cycle! It's so true though. Is is that people eat more, or that people eat food that isn't good for them?