Comic 31 - They're Nuts!
17th Sep 2009, 8:04 AM
They're Nuts!
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Author Notes:
Xila31 edit delete
This happens pretty regularly. The truth is, there are a couple of reasons why a person should make an appointment, (especially when they have not been seen in a long time.) First off is the ethical and health safety issue. Just because you describe your symptoms doesn't mean anything. A cough could be a cold, the flu, or pneumonia. Fainting spells could be low blood sugar, dehydration, or something worse. (Although low blood sugars can be very dangerous, too.) The thing is, over the phone it could be anything. Save a phone call for a nurse line only if you're unsure if you should go to the emergency room, but most times you will be told to make an appointment.

The second reason is time concerns. Most doctors are booked solid all day. It isn't that they don't care about you, it is just that they don't have time to call everyone back. If you have a doctor that is calling you, then you are lucky to live in an area where the doctor-patient ratio is low. The truth is, there are not enough doctors to go around. Or, there is something serious going on and your doctor really needs to talk to you. But if you're calling out of the blue after a year, your best bet is to just make an appointment.
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Francesca edit delete
No kidding! I am ashamed to say I've been on both ends of this one–sometimes wanting a quick solution over the phone as well as feeling the need for an appointment.
The main cause for the former (and this might be sad, but it can't be helped) is money. When you're fresh out of school and paying for your health care out of your own, very tiny, often nonexistent pocket, it's really hard to want to fork over the month's wages to go in.

On the other hand, your health is one of the most important things you can splurge on, so why not?
Xila31 edit delete
I also want to say that I am in a situation where health care is very expensive for me. I'm on a payment plan myself due to my own health issues. The truth is, though, that if you're sick you have two options: go in and try to get help or get worse. There are millions of people without proper health care and it makes me sad. :(
Druminor edit delete
I've set up a little section called "Friends of the Five Tribes", where I've linked various supporters. You are one of them :) It's below the comments section
Xila31 edit delete
Hey, I noticed that. Thanks! If you send me the HTML and tell me how to put it into the web site edit thing, I can link to your comic, too. :D (I'm web building illiterate >.<) PM me.
Magravan edit delete
Is the new health care plan that they are suggesting going to help you guys?