Comic 1 - They're Nuts!
21st May 2009, 2:00 PM
They're Nuts!
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Author Notes:
Xila31 edit delete
Welcome to the very first They're Nuts! comic online! This is the very first comic I've ever made. I started making They're Nuts! because when you search for diabetes humor online there is very little actual humor. Since I grew up in a house with a person with diabetes, and I now work in diabetes education, I decided to make a comic. People need to be able to laugh no matter what their situation.
Xila31 edit delete
I guess the weird thing about my comic is that the nuts realize that they are food... So yes, it is freaky. Peanut has a tends to be an idiot, but not on purpose. He tries to help, but often fails.
User comments:
Zavia edit delete
Eat those legume's eat them all up .. mwaahahaha
AliJ5533 edit delete
Lol, so Peanut is basically volunteering to be eaten. As Almond said, "freaky". Lol, love your comic so far.
Johan Karlsson edit delete
Johan Karlsson