Comic 42 - Food Police
16th Dec 2009, 11:16 AM
Food Police
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Author Notes:
Xila31 edit delete
Today's comic is one I made last year at this time. I thought I would go ahead and post it as a little holiday treat! I hope you enjoy it. We can also count it as a myth: People with diabetes can't enjoy their holiday due to not being able to eat. That, of course, is silly.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, and a very Cheerful Yule, everyone! :D
User comments:
Effigy_Power edit delete
Glad to see some Nut-update. ^^
Guy Incognito edit delete
Guy Incognito
That's a great one! People like to think in very black and white terms, but the truth is always someplace in the middle. Diabetes doesn't have to get in the way of enjoying a good holiday meal at all, in fact it is much better to eat moderately even if you haven't got diabetes:) Thanks for the nutty holiday comic, Xila!